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IRMCO® offers high-performance lubricants that are not only clean but also oil-free, making them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional oil-based lubricants. These versatile products can be dissolved in water and are specially designed for metal forming and stamping applications.


IRMCO®’s unique and highly effective chemical products enhance tool surface adhesion even under extreme friction and high temperatures, increasing tool life by an average of 25%.

reduces usage up to 50%.

Our high-performance, thin film IRMCO® lubricants have the remarkable ability to reduce tool damage and cut lubricant consumption in half (by 50%). This efficient machining process minimizes excess waste and workload, promoting sustainability.

welds without cleaning

The thin, clean film provided by IRMCO® lubricants improves surface conditions for welding and assembly. In some cases, welding can even be performed without pre-cleaning, eliminating or significantly reducing weld repairs and rework due to residual lubricant.

reduces chemical use by 50%

Our lubricants’ film can be easily washed away with regular water or mild alkaline cleaners, reducing the need for harsh chemicals. This not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also extends tool life, reducing overall chemical usage, waste disposal, wastewater treatment, and tool maintenance by up to 50%.


IRMCO® lubricants do not contain oils or other substances listed in the SARA Title III Toxic Chemical List, Section 313. This reduces the requirement for cleaning chemicals, leading to lower waste treatment costs and aligning with ISO environmental standards.

Introducing Paramount Dies

IRMCO Southeast Asia proudly represents Paramount Die Company as the exclusive authorized distributor for the Thailand market. We hold full authority to offer Paramount’s exceptional range of products to customers in Thailand.

Paramount Die stands at the forefront as a premier designer and manufacturer of wire drawing die inserts and tooling systems, specializing in the wire drawing industry. With over 50 years of industry expertise, Paramount Die has consistently supplied high-quality dies and wire drawing solutions that enhance wire drawing operations.

Our collaboration with Paramount Die has empowered countless wire drawers, enabling them to boost productivity and streamline their wire drawing processes. We achieve this by providing top-tier die inserts and holders that are designed for superior performance.

Join us in exploring the excellence that Paramount Dies brings to South East Asia. Let’s optimize your wire drawing operations and elevate efficiency together.

Unleash the Power of Lubrication in Wire Drawing

In the world of wire drawing, where productivity and precision reign supreme, our extensive range of dry lubricants, wet lubricants, and cutting-edge coating agents takes center stage.

Across the wire drawing industry, the core requirements for achieving optimal wire lubrication remain consistent: the lubrication should facilitate high processing speeds, enhance system productivity, maintain process stability, extend die service life, minimize wear, and reduce dust generation.

Our comprehensive services go above and beyond, ensuring that every facet of our customers’ unique applications and wire drawing processes is met with tailor-made solutions. From expert consulting advice to unmatched customer responsiveness, we prioritize your success. We also offer in-depth analysis of wire drawing processes and wire samples to guarantee the perfect match of dry lubricants, wet lubricants, and coatings for wire pre-treatment and wire drawing.

Experience the difference that precision lubrication can make in your wire drawing processes. With us, you’re always equipped with the right tools for success.